Student Use of the Spartan Experience Record

What is a Spartan Experience Record?

MSU’s Spartan Experience Record (SER) is an official document that chronicles your participation in activities outside of the classroom. The SER complements your academic transcript to tell the whole story of your experience at MSU, while highlighting the personal and professional skills you have gained through these activities.

How to use your Spartan Experience Record


Use the record as a reference as you prepare for your interview. Reflect on how the skills you developed connect to the job for which you are interviewing.


Add relevant activities and experiences to your “experience” or “volunteer experience” sections. Use your own version of the position description to describe what you did. Use what you learned in the learning outcomes section. Include action verbs to describe how you demonstrated these skills.

Applications and Scholarships

Some further education applications (e.g. law/medical school) or scholarship applications require you to list activities you have been involved in while at MSU. Any approved experiences on your SER are verified by MSU staff, making it fully verified.

Requesting a copy of your Spartan Experience Record

As a student progresses through their time at Michigan State, they are adding new experiences to their Spartan Experience Record.

How to Request your SER