We know Spartans Will make the most of their college experience through engaging in beyond-the-classroom learning and engagement opportunities. Beginning Fall 2020, the dynamic co-curricular experiences you are participating in will now be formally recognized through Michigan State University’s new platform and record, My Spartan Story and the Spartan Experience Record.

At MSU, the interactive My Spartan Story platform captures the MSU experiences that complement your academic course of study.  Experiences that can be considered for inclusion must be 1) MSU sponsored, 2) does not bear academic credit, and 3) has established learning outcomes that include assessment. Examples of co-curricular activities include: leadership positions, student employment, undergraduate research positions, internships, student organizations, and civic engagement opportunities.

Your Spartan Experience Record officially documents your learning in these activities, which can be requested through the Registrar’s Office. Once populated, you can customize and print your SER to reflect on your experiences and support your goals during time at MSU and beyond graduation.

To get started, please review our Student Resources and FAQ’s. Additionally, to get a full introduction to My Spartan Story and the SER, sign-up for a My Spartan Story 101 Workshop below. Questions? Please email us through the Contact webpage.

Here are a number of frequently asked questions by and for students:

My Spartan Story Workshops

September 2021 My Spartan Story Workshops 


What is My Spartan Story and the Spartan Experience Record? 

My Spartan Story and the Spartan Experience Record are new tools to help capture what you are doing all outside of the classroom while also helping MSU help you be officially recognized for it. Check out this webinar to learn even more! 


Adding your Involvement Experience to the Record  

Want to learn how to get your activities and experiences on to your Spartan Experience Record? Check out this webinar to see how and learn some tips on helping to make for a smoother addition. 

With questions on student My Spartan Story Workshops, please contact My Spartan Story Coordinator, Lance Sharp, at

What you can do?

Within the My Spartan Story platform, students can Discover opportunities on campus and beyond, Engage in Spartan Experiences, and Reflect on their learning.

Getting started

We are currently busy populating the My Spartan Story catalog with opportunities.

The catalog will be open to students soon. To help us get activities/positions listed, please encourage the faculty and staff members who oversee co-curricular programs with which you’re involved to submit these experiences for approval.

Platform roles and actions

Discover the different roles within the My Spartan Story platform and what each role can accomplish.