We know Spartans Will make the most of their college experience through engaging in beyond-the-classroom learning and engagement opportunities. Launched in Fall 2020, the dynamic co-curricular experiences you are participating in are formally recognized through Michigan State University’s new platform and record, the Spartan Experience Record.

At MSU, the Spartan Experience Record Platform captures MSU experiences that complement your academic course of study.  Examples of co-curricular experiences include:

  • Leadership positions
  • Student employment
  • Undergraduate research positions
  • Internships
  • Student organizations
  • Civic engagement opportunities.

Your Spartan Experience Record officially documents your learning in these activities, which can be requested through the Registrar’s Office. Once populated, you can customize and print your SER to reflect on your experiences and support your goals during time at MSU and beyond graduation.

To get started, please review our Student Resources and FAQ’s. Additionally, to get a full introduction to the Spartan Experience Record, sign-up for a Workshop below. Questions? Please email us through the Contact webpage.

Here are a number of frequently asked questions by and for students:

Have you been wondering what the Spartan Experience Record is? Maybe you have heard a little but want to know how to request and utilize this new tool. Or maybe you want help in getting your activities or experiences added to your record. If so, then check out our student workshops that are designed to help introduce MSU Undergrads to the Spartan Experience Record as both a platform and tool, as well as the process for submitting co-curricular experiences to be included on their SER.

Student Workshop Topics

    • Reflecting on Your Involvement & Transferrable Skill Development
    • Marketing Your Spartan Experiences
    • Walking Through Steps You Can Support to get your Registered Student Organization on to the SER

Spring 2023 workshop dates will be posted in March.

What you can do?

Within the Spartan Experience Record  and the My Spartan Story platform, students can Discover opportunities on campus and beyond, Engage in Spartan Experiences, and Reflect on their learning.

Getting started

We are regularly adding experiences to the Spartan Experience Record and welcome your help to inform us of what you’re involved with!

To help us get activities/positions listed, please encourage the faculty and staff members who oversee co-curricular programs with which you’re involved to submit these experiences for approval.