How to add your organization to My Spartan Story

How to Add an MSU Organization to My Spartan Story

To prepare for adding your organization/activity to My Spartan Story, gather some information that will be helpful:

  • Your organization’s contact information
  • The Organization’s constitution
  • Descriptions of the different roles/officers
  • What you usually turn into Involve @ State 

These items are not needed by My Spartan Story, but they are helpful tools for writing the submissions.

Once these items have been gathered, you can then begin working on the submission phase. We have set up 2 different document types to help in writing the submission:

  1. Submission Form (Google Sheets)
    • The information needed for a submission can be placed into the google sheet to help guide you in the process
    • You will need to make a copy for yourself to edit.
    • There are examples along the bottom on different tabs as well as a form with helpful notes
  2. My Spartan Story Submission Worksheet
    • Download this file to help process through the information needed for a submission.
    • Add more sheets as you need

After the submission information is gathered, it gets connected to the different areas to help define the activity, then it is time for the last step. All submissions must be officially submitted by your Organization’s Advisor (an MSU Faculty or Staff member) to become part of the officially recognized Spartan Experience Record.

To officially submit the activity:

  1. The faculty/staff member logs into, and submits the information as a new Spartan Experience.
    • If the advisor needs assistance, check out the Faculty/Staff Resource page.
    • If the staff member has difficulty, they can email all the information from their MSU email address to for someone in the office to review and assist in the submission process.
    • If there are questions around the submission, the My Spartan Story team will reach out to the submitter to ensure correct information.
  2. Once a year, the advisor will update My Spartan story on the different students who have participated in the yearly validation.

After the submission is placed in My Spartan Story the process begins to have it officially be added to the Spartan Experience Record!